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Inasmuch as we would like to satisfy all our guest’s needs and wants, there will always be issues with some of our guests who do not and cannot support the little ways that we are doing in making sure that everybody’s safety and security is prioritized and our eco practices at the hotel are always upheld.  The following are our response to the five (5) most common issues with some of our guests:

1.       BRINGING IN of VISITORS and JOINERS inside the ROOM

As a family-friendly hotel, we take pride in our stand of allowing ONLY registered guests to go up to the guestrooms.  Our registered guests, however, can entertain their visitors in our common areas like our community space (where they can play the piano and guitar, play table tennis and foosball); share a good and hearty meal at our café and spending quality time at our garden (with the relaxing sound of waterfalls as their background); the kids can also play in our kid’s nook (provided that there is always constant adult supervision, of course).

We are proud to say that we see to it that all our guests: especially women and children are always safe and secure when they stay at the Mayflower Inn.


Considering that we are in the tropics, insects and pests alike are naturally abundant in our place.  Confronted with this reality, we encourage our guests to eat their food in our common areas and our coffee shop (free of charge).   Since our kitchen facilities are also limited, we cannot accommodate food supplies (from the groceries) in our own refrigerators and freezers (unless of course, if they are medicinal items that need to be refrigerated but only for a limited time).  In this way, it becomes everybody’s business to discourage these “natural elements” from thriving in our place to ensure food safety and sanitation.

At the Mayflower Inn, we take pride in our recycled and refurbished furniture; some of this furniture came from the old wood from the old Mayflower building and we made them into recycled furniture giving our hotel the “homey” effect.  The “character” of the old wood in this furniture is very evident: some of them have nail holes and some are not aligned giving us an idea as to what part of the building they were used in the past.

Our amenities may not be on “top of their lines” but they are still very useful and functional.   True to our 5R transition models, we always find creative ways in maximizing the use and the life cycle of our hotel amenities (without compromising quality and reliability).


At the Mayflower Inn, we have been receiving some complaints that we do not have an in-room safe and our free safekeeping service is also limited.   Since we are a limited service hotel, it is not mandatory that we provide in-room safes for all our guestrooms but since we acknowledge that our guests would need to safe-keep their important documents (and limited amount of money), we offer to safe-keep it for them at our safekeeping facility in our Front Office.  We also do not accept to safe-keep a huge amount of money for our guests since we are a hotel and we do not have the facility to secure our guests money (unlike the banks).   We also know that airport officers do not allow passengers to carry a huge amount of money (when travelling) as per BSP Circular-98-1995 on currency regulations (


Being consistent to our safety and security policies (especially our visitors policy), we also do not allow masseurs or beauticians to go up to the guestrooms and our hotel common areas are not designed to accommodate such specialized activities.  We encourage our guests, however, to visit legitimate spas and beauty salons inside the malls so their needs will be properly taken cared for.

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